Automatic driving lessons in Southampton

automatic driving lessons southampton
Automatic is Eco

Automatic driving lessons in Southampton

One of the United Kingdom’s political moves, meant to support the ecological development of the country, is a ban on the production of fossil fuel using vehicles, which is supposed to come in power in 2030. The aim of this directive is to speed up the production rate and cause a spike in the usage of electric cars on the roads of the UK.

What does it really mean to the infrastructure?

Well, for one, exhaust fumes will become a thing of the past. Although the ban doesn’t mean that, by 2030, all vehicles using fossil fuel will magically disappear, they will gradually be pushed out by their greener alternative. Electric cars use a completely different type of engine that doesn’t produce any fume exhausts due to its’ nature; it’s being powered with electricity coming from a heavy-duty, rechargeable battery. Since electric cars are also quieter, there will be audible drop in sound pollution, both in the cities as well as on the high density roads.

However, there will also be changes for the drivers, even those, whose knowledge of their car ends up at what they see daily in their cockpit – at least for manual gearbox users, since this will become technology of the past as well.

Yes, you read it correct – all electric cars are automatic.

Automatic electricity

The decision to make all-electric cars with automatic transmission stemmed from the need of attracting people to the new solution. Electric cars, or EVs for short, were introduced as an alternative to combustion-powered (using fuel to move) vehicles. As such, EVs needed to offer something to their drivers, on top of offering respite from exhaust fumes to the environment.

The number one reason speaking behind automatic transmission was no doubt costs. Electric cars are already more expensive than their fuel-powered counterparts, and installing automatic transmission helped in lowering the costs of production, allowing to bring down cars’ prices to more reasonable levels.

It’s not only the beginning price that’s lower, though! Without the change of gears like in a manual transmission, internal parts of EVs are slower to wear down, reducing the number of repairs an owner needs to conduct and pay for.

Also, different to combustion engines, there’s no need for multiple fluids to be used up in the process of electric engine’s conservation, so there’s also reduced risk of silly mistakes like mixing up brake fluid with coolant, which none the less also speed up the exhaustion of your vehicle’s inner parts.

Finally, installing automatic transmission allows a greater number of drivers to use EVs successfully and safely. Whether learning to drive from scratch or switching from manual, offers like automatic driving lessons Southampton are capable of teaching their school attendants safety on the roads, while not focusing on correcting their pupils’ habits of too early or too late gear change. Learning how to drive a car with automatic transmission therefore is quicker, easier, and safer for all participants of traffic. Additionally,

offer lessons in light, friendly atmosphere, so driving with automatic transmission stops being just eco-friendly – it becomes a you-friendly alternative, and allows you to learn without the stress usually associated with learning a new skill.

In summary

If you ever thought automatic driving is not for you, it might be good to rethink it. With the UK wanting to enter the new chapter with electric cars, not even a decade from now on, the number of people transferring to automatic driving will increase drastically. Prepare yourself for that in advance with automatic driving lessons Southampton, and enjoy the process – driving is a responsible, but also a fun skill to have. With learning to drive on automatic transmission, the system all-electric cars produced for commercial use will be equipped with, you take care not only of your own but also environment’s future. EVs mean less fumes released to the atmosphere, and automatic transmission means safer (and, in the longer run, as the technology develops further, cheaper) driving.

Automatic driving is eco, after all.