Emergency Stop

How can I do the emergency stop exercise?

Currently, the emergency stop appears in approximately a third of category B driving tests, depending on the route and if time allows. Your examiner will select a quiet and convenient road to carry out the exercise and will ask you to pull over in a suitable location. They will direct you (or similar):

“Very shortly I shall ask you to stop as in an emergency: the signal will be like this (examiner will demonstrate hand movement). When I do that, stop immediately and under full control as though a child had run off the pavement.”

When they have checked your understanding of what is required, you will be asked to move away. So drive as you normally would, until you to are told to stop, remember that your actions are still being monitored (and marked!).

Break as soon as you hear the instruction to stop, and see the hand signal from the examiner. Don’t delay your breaking to check mirrors, in this case the examiner will have checked around to make sure that it is safe to carry out the exercise (and any small child that runs into the road needs to take priority on the mirrors anyway!).

Emergency stop brake then clutch

Hold the steering wheel firmly and break strongly till the car stops (remember to push the clutch in to stop the engine stalling). If you some reason the wheels ‘lock up’ release some pressure on the break, until control is regained and then break firmly again to complete the stop.

Emergency Stop

The examiner will then ask you to drive on when ready, and inform you that you will not be asked to perform the exercise again.

Before moving away, remember to check both left and right blind spots, as other road users could pose you a problem on either side of your car. If required, apply a signal to alert others of your intentions.

Emergency Stop

Possible faults:

Promptness:  not reacting quickly to the ‘stop’ call.

Control:  not maintaining good control during the stop and while you are stationary.

Moving away:  without good vision, safety or control.